ICP DAS brings the most powerful, cost-effective, advanced Smart Power Meters PM-3133-RCT that gives you access to real-time electric usage for three-phase power measurement. With its high accuracy (<2%, PF=1; Input Current >50A), this series can be used to both low voltage primary side and medium/high voltage secondary side and enables the users to obtain reliable and accurate energy consumption readings from the monitored equipment in real time under operation.

• Bi-directional Energy
• True RMS Power Measurements
• Energy Analysis for 3P4W, 3P3W, 1P3W, 1P2W
• Current Measurements Up to 2000 A
• Voltage Measurements Up to 500 V
• Rogowski Coil Soft CT for Easy Installation
• W Accuracy Better than 2% (PF=1 Input Current >50A)
• Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)
• Supports Modbus RTU Protocol
• Supports 2 Power Relay Output (Form A)
• IEC 61010-1 and EN 61010-1
• Multiple Data Format

These compact size and cost-effective power meters monitoring equipment with Rogowski Coil CT is “rope-style” Current Transformer which delivers “Easy Installation” features for large window size (55 ~ 185mm) and mechanical flexibility for tight space. It operates over a wide range of input voltages 10 ~ 500 VAC which allows universal compatibility. Also, with 2 channels relay outputs, it can be linked with sirens or lighting for alarm messages. It also supports Mod-bus RTU, Mod bus TCP or CANopen protocols for easy integration.

PM-3133-RCT2000P: CR Modbus RTU, 3-phase power meter, 2000A Rogowski Coil CT (Inside diameter 105 mm; wire lead 4 m) x 3 (RoHS)