August 12, 2022

ICP Australia is proud to introduce iEi’s S24M, which is a 24” IP66 Wide Temperature Projected Capacitive Marine Monitor. These marine-grade monitors are extremely versatile and multifaceted making them an asset to any marine environment that they are deployed in such as bridges, open decks, machinery spaces, and control rooms.

The S24M is designed with two VGA, two DVI, and one BNC input. S24M provides multiple ways to connect with computers. Also, one VGA and one BNC outputs allow simultaneous displays on other monitors for increased functionality. This is vital in the marine environments where it is essential to show the same displays to captains and pilots through the monitors which are usually cascaded at the ship bridge. The marine monitor equips both VGA input and VGA output. By connecting the VGA-out of the first monitor to the VGA-in of the second monitor, the marine monitors feature group display with a maximum of 16 screens in the group.

Likewise, the S24M supports isolated redundant power, which is implemented so there are separate power inputs available, including AC source and DC source. When the AC source is terminated, the DC source will continue to supply power to the device.


  • IP66 Front / IP22 Rear
  • -15°C ~ +55°C Wide Temperature and Flat-bezel Projected Capacitive Touchscreen
  • Excellent Visual Performance
  • Multiple Video Input
  • Multiple Video Output
  • Dual Isolated AC/DC Input with Redundant Power Protection
  • Remote OSD Settings through LAN, RS-232, RS-422, and RS-485

See More: S19M-S24M


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