The PISO-P32A32U universal PCI card supports 3.3 V/5 V PCI bus. These cards provide 32 optically-isolated Digital Input channels and 32 optically-isolated Digital Output channels, arranged into four isolated banks. Each Digital Output channel includes a PNP transistor and an integral suppression diode for the inductive load. Isolated input channels 0-15 are allocated to Group A, while channels 16-31 are allocated to Group B. Isolated output channels are allocated to Groups C and D. The photocoupler input for the PISO-P32A32U can be powered by either an internal current source or an external power supply, while the input for the PISO-P32A32U operates using an external power supply only.

  • Support the +3.3/+5 V PCI bus
  • 32 Optically-isolated Digital Input Channels
  • 32 Optically-isolated Digital Output Channels(Source, PNP)
  • Built-in DC/DC converter with 3000 VDC isolation
  • Card ID function (SMD Switch)
  • Four isolated banks
  • 3750 Vrms photo-isolation protection
  • Digital Output status readback

PISO-P32A32U-5V CR: Universal PCI, 32-ch Optical Isolated Digital Input and 32-ch Open Collector Isolated Digital Output Board (Current Source, PNP) (RoHS) Includes one CA-4037B cable and two CA-4002 D-Sub connectors