Digital carbon dioxide gas sensor


Key Features:

  • Fast response and recovery time:
  • High stability & long life:
  • Low cost but high performance:
  • Wide operating ranges:
    – temperature: -10 to +50°C
    – humidity: 15 to 90%
    – VDD: 4.8V to 5.2V
    – VDDIO: 3.1V to 3.5V
  • Hassle-free:
    – on-chip data processing
    – no need for external libraries
    – no impact on MCU

ICP Electronics Australia is pleased to present Innodisk’s IAGCO2.  In today’s era of health-conscious living and technological advancements, indoor air quality has never been more crucial. Innodisk’s IAGCO2 emerges as a game-changer in this domain. A state-of-the-art digital carbon dioxide gas sensor, it is tailored to revolutionize indoor air quality monitoring, security oversight, and the expanding realm of wireless sensor networks.

The IAGCO2 sensor stands out due to its rapid response and recovery times. This means users can trust real-time readings, crucial for environments where CO2 levels might fluctuate quickly. Boasting impressive stability and longevity, the device also promises a long, maintenance-free life, making it a cost-effective yet high-performance solution.

Designed to thrive in varied conditions, IAGCO2 can efficiently function in temperatures ranging from -10 to +50°C and humidity levels between 15 to 90%. Its versatile power requirements (VDD: 4.8V to 5.2V, VDDIO: 3.1V to 3.5V) further attest to its adaptability.

Innodisk simplifies the integration process by offering on-chip data processing. This eliminates the need for external libraries, ensuring the device doesn’t weigh down the host MCU. In essence, Innodisk’s IAGCO2 exemplifies how future-ready technology can effortlessly marry high performance with reliability, leading the way in environmental monitoring.

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