July 16, 2021

ICP Australia is proud to introduce iEi’s Mustang-200, which is an affordable and scalable advanced computing accelerator for speeding up computations, calculations, and applications. Equipped with 2 Intel® Core™ i5/i7 processors, 32GB (4 x 8GB) RAM, and 1TB (2 x 512GB) Intel NVMe SSDs, this PCIe card can be used with your existing system, enabling high-performance computing without costing a fortune. You can install multiple Mustang-200 to further boost your computing capabilities, and assign tasks to any of these units as needed.

Mustang-200 can easily process high-definition 360° surround videos, and can help creative professionals streamline their workflows and accelerate their processes The Mustang-200 can pre-process data generated within your organization or across your devices on-premise, to filter out irrelevant information and only keep valuable insights, and then further utilize them by sending or uploading to cloud platforms.

Furthermore, with the Mustang-200 every additional CPU works independently, so one can assign tasks to any nodes of your choice, and have real-time control over how every node works. Likewise, the Mustang-200 can be immediately installed into your existing system. If you need to perform additional calculations, you can add additional Mustang-200 as they work independently from each other. Lastly, no matter what kind of software is used, it can be hosted inside the Mustang-200, allowing you to achieve more applications such as artificial intelligence, academic research, and simulations.


  • Intel® Core™ i7-7567U
  • Intel® Iris™ Plus Graphics 650 (GT3e)
  • Dual Fan
  • Video Transcoding and Streaming
  • Fog Computing

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