April 12, 2021

ICP Australia is proud to introduce ICP DAS’s iWSN-1120X-240-RCT1000P. The iWSN series sensing module is a self-powered module for AC current, digital input, and temperature measurement. It can harvest the demand electricity from CT induced current so that there is no necessary to supply the power line for power supply.

Employing sub-1G RF communication interface, iWSN series can approach to real wireless deployment. The diversified IO interface, such as split-core CT, Rogowski coil, NTC thermistor, and dry contact DI, provides users more choices for various applications. Considering the maintenance and installation, the iWSN sensing module uses the DIP switch and rotary switch for configuration. Through the flexibility of the expansion interface and good price-performance, the iWSN sensing module can be widely used in the application of saving power, big data analysis, and predict maintenance.

Lastly, the operating temperature of the iWSN is -20 °C ~ +50 °C, and it offers wall-mount and magnet as easy options for installation.


  • Self-Powered by Built-In a Chargeable Li-ion Battery.
  • Split-Core Current Transformer (CT) for Easy Installation.
  • Energy Harvest from the CT Induced Electricity.
  • Uses 433 MHz Radio Frequency for Communication.
  • 16 RF Channels and 4 Group ID, Consist of a Maximum 64 RF Sub-Networks.
  • Supports Maximum 400A CT and 1000A Rogowski Current Transformer(RCT).
  • Provides Expansion Interface for Flexibility and Expansibility.
  • Offers Wall-Mount Mechanism and Magnet for Installation.

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