April 27, 2021

ICP Australia is proud to introduce iEi’s HTB-200-C236, 6th/7th Generation Intel® Xeon & Core™ Medical Box PC. The HTB-200-C236 attains Dual-PCIe Slots,  PCIe x16, and PCIe x4. Thus, there is high compatibility for the GPU cards such as NVIDIA P4/T4/Quadro series or the iEi Mustang series, which allows the end-user to choose accelerator cards based on their different needs. Furthermore, the redundant PCIe x4 slot is reserved for all-in-one video capture cards or other expansions.

Likewise, the HTB-200-C236 supports a unique thermal solution. Since the better performance of a GPU card, the more heat would be generated. A unique thermal design ensures the system keeping sustained 100% CPU and GPU loading. Cater to NVIDIA® Tesla T4 passive heat sink design, iEi adopted a blower-ventilation solution that not only creates a strong airflow but also minimizes the noise made by the fan system.

Lastly, an accessible hard drive enables the IT technician to do the maintenance work more easily. The storage cover is located at the bottom of HTB-200-C236 and fits for 2.5 inch SSD or HDD. It only takes time to remove 4 screws, then the IT technicians could check or replace the storage device.


  • Compact Small Edge Device with Great Computing and Graphic Performance
  • 6th/7th Gen Intel® Xeon & Core™ Processor Platform with Intel® C236 Chipset
  • Dual SODIMM ECC & non-ECC Unbuffered Memory Supported up to 64GB
  • PCIe [x16] slot Supports Nvidia GPU and or IEI Mustang Acceleration Card
  • PCIe [x4] slot Supports for Capture Card or other Applications

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