September 19, 2022

ICP Australia is proud to introduce ICP DAS’s GW-2492M, which is a network gateway allowing BACnet client devices to be accessed Modbus network as a Modbus RTU master. The BACnet/IP protocol is used to relay and exchange information between building devices.

GW-2492M contains a large number of BACnet objects (AI, AO, AV, BI, BO, BV, MSI, MSO, MSV) gives you flexibility in mapping Modbus RTU registers to any combination of BACnet objects. Multiple BIBBs (DS-RP-B, DS-RPM-B, DS-WP-B, DS-WPM-B,.etc.) are supported. All the data transfer is configurable using a standard Web browser. In terms of mechanics, GW-2492M has a metal casing with DIN-Rail installations, allowing for ease of use even in tough conditions, as operating temperature ranges from -25 ~ +75 °C.

GW-2492M is ideal for a range of different applications, due to its multi-faceted nature. Whereby, it is an asset for building automation, heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and light control, as well as fire detection systems.


  • Read/Write Modbus Registers via BACnet Objects
  • Configurable BACnet/IP Server
  • Configurable Modbus RTU Master
  • Supports BACnet AI, AO, AV, BI, BO, BV, MSI, MSO, MSV Object Types
  • Supports Modbus Discrete Inputs, Coils, Input Registers and Holding Registers
  • Supports up to 600 DI, 600 DO, 600 AI and 600 AO to Transfer to BACnet Objects
  • Simple Data Translation allows you to Manipulate Data as it Passes Between Protocol

See More: GW-2492M


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