June 23, 2020

ICP Australia is proud to introduce ICP DAS’ WISE-5231 Series Intelligent IIoT Edge Controller.

WISE-5231 Series provides more support in I/O functions in addition to merits inherited from WISE series controllers. It supports XV-board, allowing connections to I-7000 I/O modules, Modbus RTU Slave modules and Modbus TCP Slave modules together. The wide range of selection options enables the flexibility in I/O module integration to meet the requirements from various applications.

The WISE-5231 Series provides Data Logger Function to record the I/O Channel Data by Periodic Cycle or an Event Trigger. It also allows the data files to be sent by FTP or Email to the control center. In addition to the CGI command sending function, the WISE-5231 series now supports the CGI command receiving function that allows the network devices to trigger the operation of IF-THEN-ELSE logic rule via Ethernet.

The CGI command functions makes the WISE-5231 Series able to interact with device flexibility in the network environment. This Series supports SNMP V2c Protocol and the SNMP Trap operation work with the SNMP Network Management software. It also supports the MQTT protocol to connect with the MQTT broker for the message publishing and subscribing mechanism, and the connection with the IoT service which Microsoft Azure and IBM Bluemix provide. Additionally, WISE-5231 Series provides the option to send messages to the instant messaging APP’s LINE and Facebook Messenger.


  • IF-THEN-ELSE Logic Rules Execution Ability
  • No programming is required to implement logic content on controllers
  • Web-Based Operations
  • Support XV-Board and Various Remote I/O Modules
  • Provide Timer and Schedule Operation
  • Provide SSL Email Alarm Message Sending Function
  • Provide CGI Command Sending and Receiving Functions
  • Data Logger Function
  • Math Formula Editing Function
  • Real-Time Monitoring System Status of Controllers
  • Password Protection for Access Control
  • Active I/O Sending Function
  • Mobile Network Connection (WISE-523XM-3GWA and WISE-523XM-4GE/4GC)
  • Connection with IP Camera
  • Provides SMS Command Receiving Function and Alarm Notification Function

Product Page: Edge Controller Products


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