September 21, 2022

ICP Australia is proud to introduce iEi’s WAFER-EHL-J6412, 3.5” SBC supports Intel® Celeron® J6412 on-board SoC with 8GB LPDDR4x memory on board default, triple display with DP, HDMI and iDPM slot, dual 2.5 GbE, USB 3.2 Gen 2, M.2, SATA 6Gb/s, COM, iAUDIO, 0°C ~60°C and RoHS.

Furthermore, WAFER-EHL-J64123 supports two RJ45 network interfaces via Intel® I225V 2.5GbE controllers, achieving up to 2.5GbE network transmission rate. Likewise, the SBC also has an iDPM interface that can connect to display modules, enabling users to add LVDS/eDP/VGA display interface upon requirements.

The WAFER-EHL-J6412 features a PCIe x4 (x2 signal) slot, which is a new design of the WAFER motherboard to expand functionality. By installing an riser card into the PCIe slot, the x2 signal is divided into two x1 slots, offering great configuration flexibility and expandability. Two types of riser cards with different orientations are available, one with slots facing outwards and the other with slots facing inwards. both riser cards can be firmly secured to enhance stability by using the L-shaped bracket, in which screw holes are perfectly matched with those on the side of the heat spreader to make it simple and easy to install.


  • 3.5" SBC Supports Intel® Celeron® J6412 On-Board SoC
  • Support Triple Independent Display via HDMI, DP, iDPM
  • Support Dual Intel® 2.5GbE
  • Support one PCIe Gen3 x4 slot, M.2 A key, M.2 B Key Expansions

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