July 7, 2023

ICP Electronics Australia is proud to introduce ICP DAS VPD-170-IRT. The VPD-170-IRT IR Temperature Data Concentrator by ICP DAS is a state-of-the-art device that effortlessly amalgamates non-contact temperature data from multiple sources. Designed to connect with up to 31 iSN-81x-MRTU series modules, it becomes a formidable tool for any setup requiring extensive temperature monitoring. The iSN-81x-MRTU series, specially built for non-contact temperature measurements, boasts of varied temperature pixels and threshold detection functions, harmonizing with the VPD-170-IRT.

The high-resolution color touch screen on the VPD-170-IRT ensures effortless interfacing. With IP65 waterproofing on its front panel, the concentrator is resilient against challenging environments. The device not only collects data but also provides real-time thermography of the measured objects.


A notable feature is the capability to set temperature threshold values, and it’s equipped with 9 signal relay output channels for alarms, keeping the system highly responsive to fluctuations. Moreover, the support for both Modbus TCP and RTU protocols ensures seamless integration into SCADA systems, paving the way for advanced remote data monitoring and control. In conclusion, the VPD-170-IRT is an indispensable asset for modern industrial temperature monitoring systems.



  • High-resolution color touchscreen
  • Front Panel: IP65 Waterproof
  • Provide setting Temperature threshold value function
  • 9 Signal Relay Output channels for Alarm
  • Provide Thermography
  • Connect up to 31 iSN-81x-MRTU series module
  • Support Modbus TCP/RTU protocol

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