December 10, 2021

ICP Australia is proud to introduce ICP DAS’s U-7560M, which is an OPC UA I/O module that provides 6 digital input channels and 6 digital output Relay channels. It has a built-in two-port Ethernet switch to implement daisy-chain topology. The cabling is much easy and can reduce the total cable and switch cost.

U-7560M follows IEEE 802.3af compliant Power over Ethernet (PoE) specification. It allows receiving power from PoE-enabled networks by Ethernet pairs. This feature provides greater flexibility and efficiency to simplify system design, save space, and reduce wirings and power sockets. It provides a Web UI to configure/control/monitor the modules, connections, and I/O status via a web browser. It is easy, fast, and no extra APP is needed.

In industrial communication, UA I/O provides OPC UA Server and MQTT Client protocols (can execute both communications at the same time). Users can choose the networking mode according to their cases. And to transmit the values of the built-in I/O channels to the Cloud IT system or field control system for reading and writing. Support logic function rule-setting IF, THEN, ELSE, can set up logical condition/action for I/O and virtual point; and support RESTful API function, can read/write I/O and virtual point through HTTP.


  • Built-in Web Server to Provide the Web User Interface
  • Built-in OPC UA Server and MQTT Client Protocol
  • Support to Execute OPC UA and MQTT Communication Simultaneously
  • Support Logic Function Rule Setting: IF, THEN, ELSE
  • Support RESTful API: Read/Write I/O and Virtual Point via HTTP
  • Support Event Log: Record the I/O Value Change for Easy Device Tracking
  • Built-in I/O Channels (6 x DI and 6 x Relay)
  • 2-port Ethernet Switch for Daisy-Chain Topology
  • IEEE 802.3af-Compliant Power over Ethernet (PoE)

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