October 18, 2023

ICP Electronics Australia is proud to introduce ICP DAS tSG-3781B. The evolving needs of modern-day building systems demand advanced tools, and the ICP DAS tSG-3781B signal conditioner proves to be an indispensable asset in this arena. Serving as a state-of-the-art interface, this single-channel DC current input module transforms a 4~20mA current input to a precisely configured PWM output.

With the ability to perform a linear conversion, the PWM output features a duty cycle ranging from 0% to 100%. Adding to its versatility, the module allows users to adjust the PWM output frequency anywhere between 600Hz to 800Hz with ease using the incorporated push buttons. A clear monochrome LCD display elevates user experience by offering real-time visuals of the duty cycle and frequency of the PWM signal.

Its application goes beyond mere conversion. The tSG-3781B is increasingly becoming a sought-after choice for heating systems within buildings. Its precision ensures optimal energy usage, leading to both cost savings and enhanced environmental responsiveness. Similarly, in ventilation systems, it promises unmatched efficiency. Moreover, the module shines when tasked with controlling servo-assisted diaphragm valves, ensuring they operate with unparalleled accuracy.

In essence, the ICP DAS tSG-3781B embodies the fusion of precision and adaptability, setting a benchmark for signal conditioning in contemporary building systems.



  • Convert 1-channel 4 ~ 20mA Current Input to 1-channel PWM Output
  • PWM output duty ratio converted by¬†4 ~ 20 mA Input
  • PWM output frequency configured via push buttons
  • LCD displays the PWM output duty ratio and frequency

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