March 1, 2023

ICP Australia is proud to introduce ICP DAS’s tM-7520A. The majority of industrial computer systems include RS-232 serial connections. RS-232 is widely used yet has constrained networking, transmission, and range capabilities.


The RS-485 standards get around these restrictions by transparently converting RS-232 transmissions into isolated RS-485 signals without modifying any hardware or software. They do this by employing differential voltage lines for data and control signals.


The tM-7520A makes creating an industrial-grade long-distance communication system simple to use common PC components.


Isolation \sIntra-module 2500 VDC 2-way Isolated isolation. EMS Security ESD (IEC 61000-4-2). Status of one LED indicator each for power and communication. Ports for COM. RS-232 Input: 1 (Master). 4 outputs of RS-422/485 (Slave). 300 to 115200 bps is the baud rate.. Power Input Voltage Range: +10 to +30 VDC (Non-isolated). Utilization 1.2 W. Dimensions of the mechanical casing in millimetres: 52 x 93 x 27 (W x L x H). DIN-Rail Mounting Installation. Operating Environment Temperature: -25 to +75 °C. Storage Range: -30 to +75 °C.




  • Automatic RS-485 Direction Control
  • ESD Protection for the RS-232/422/485 Data Line
  • Transmission Speed of up to 115200 bps

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