September 30, 2022

ICP Australia is proud to introduce ICP DAS’s tDS-715i-T, which is a series of Serial-to-Ethernet device servers that are designed to add Ethernet and Internet connectivity to any RS-232 and RS-422/485 device, and to eliminate the cable length limitation of legacy serial communication.

By using the VxComm Driver/Utility, the built-in COM port of the tDS-715i-T can be virtualized to a standard PC COM port in Windows. Therefore, users can transparently access or monitor serial devices over the Internet/Ethernet without software modification. Furthermore, tDS-715i-T is designed for ultra-low power consumption, reducing hidden costs from increasing fuel and electricity prices, especially when you have a huge amount of device servers installed.

The tDS-715i-T device servers can be used to create a pair-connection application (as well as serial-bridge or serial-tunnel) and can then route data over TCP/IP between two serial devices, which is useful when connecting mainframe computers, servers or other serial devices that do not themselves have Ethernet capability. By virtue of its protocol independence and flexibility, the tDS-715i-T meets the demands of virtually any network-enabled application.


  • Incorporates Any RS-422/485 Serial Device in Ethernet
  • Application Modes: Virtual COM, TCP Server, TCP Client
  • VxComm Utility Supports 32/64-bit Windows 7 SP1/10/2012/2016
  • Max. Connections: 1 socket per Serial Port is Suggested
  • Supports Pair-Connection (serial-bridge, serial-tunnel) Applications
  • Supports UDP Responder for Device Discovery (UDP Search)
  • Tiny Web Server for Configuration (HTTP)
  • Power Input: DC Terminal Block
  • Allows Automatic RS-485 Direction Control
  • Signal Isolation

See More: tDS-715-T


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