July 15, 2022

ICP Australia is proud to introduce ICP DAS’s SG-3037, which is a Triaxial Signal Conditioner. SG-3037 with 3-channel analogue inputs can connect to the voltage output accelerometer, and convert the signal measured from the accelerometer into the analogue voltage output. PET-7H16M module collects the vibration data through SG-3037, and then sends them via high-speed Ethernet to the data centre for processing and analysis.

SG-3037 has a power input range of +10 ~ +30 VDC, allowing it to function effectively and perform set tasks optimally. Likewise, SG-3037 can survive tough conditions and operate efficiently in varying temperatures from -25 ~ +75 °C. Also, in regards to mechanics, the SG-3037 is extremely compact measuring 25 mm x 114 mm x 70 mm, and has DIN-Rail and wall mounting available for installation.

SG-3037 is ideal for multiple applications across various industries, including data acquisition systems, remote diagnosis, vibration measurement and testing equipment.


  • 3-Channel Voltage Input & Output
  • Input Voltage Range: 0-24V
  • Provides Signal Bandwidth: 50 kHz
  • Provides 24V Power Supply for the Accelerometer

See More: SG-3037-G


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