May 18, 2021

ICP Australia is proud to introduce iEi’s PUZZLE Development Kit, Intel CERA Design. Puzzle Development Kit is an AI hardware ready system ideal for deep learning inference computing to help you get faster, deeper insights into your customers and your business.

The PUZZLE Development Kit supports graphics cards, Intel FPGA acceleration card, and Intel VPU acceleration card and provides additional computational power and end-to-end solution to help run your tasks more efficiently. With the NVIDIA TensorRT, QNAP QuAI, and Intel OpenVINO AI development toolkit, it helps you deploy your solutions faster than ever.

Lastly, the Puzzle Development Kit comes Pre-installed with Open Network Edge Services Software (OpenNess) & Neural Network Optimization (OpenVINO™) toolkit. OpenNESS is a software toolkit that enables highly optimized and performant edge platforms to onboard and manage applications and network functions with cloud-like agility. Whereas Intel Distribution of OpenVINO™ toolkit is based on convolutional neural networks (CNN); the toolkit extends workloads across multiple types of Intel® platforms and maximizes performance.


  • Intel® Xeon D-2100 Series Processor (Skylake-D) with Intel® QAT
  • 8 x 288-pin RDIMM DDR4 2666MHz, RDIMM up to 256GB / LRDIMM up to 512GB
  • Supports 1x PulM modules series NICs
  • Pre-installed Open Network Edge Services Software (OpenNess) & Neural Network Optimization (OpenVINO™) Toolkit

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