August 23, 2023

ICP Electronics Australia is proud to introduce iEi’s PUZZLE-9030. In the age of digital transformation, high-performance network appliances are crucial. iEi’s PUZZLE-9030 emerges as an undisputed leader in this domain. This 1U 19″ rack-mount network appliance harnesses the unmatched prowess of dual 3rd Gen AMD® EPYC™ 7543 processors, boasting up to 4TB system memory and 64 cores in a dual socket system. Such unparalleled power facilitates a performance boost of up to 36% compared to its predecessor, the 2nd Gen AMD® EPYC CPUs.

Designed specifically for cybersecurity vendors, the PUZZLE-9030 accelerates SD-WAN architectures and augments secure access service edge (SASE) solutions. Its adaptability is evident in its support for both IEI’s 4 Network Mezzanine Cards (NMC) with OCP 3.0 connectors and PCIe Gen4 connectivity, ensuring optimum cloud, HPC, and enterprise workload performance.

Yet, the PUZZLE-9030’s crowning glory is its compliance with OCP 3.0, which ensures expansive network bandwidth. IEI’s PulM module, particularly the PulM-100G2SF-CX6, amplifies the PUZZLE-9030’s capabilities, supporting NIC expansions of up to a staggering 800GbE.

With features like a tool-less design for seamless NIC module installations and PCIe Gen4 bandwidth eliminating throughput bottlenecks, the PUZZLE-9030 stands out as a beacon of innovation and efficiency in network appliances.



  • AMD® 3rd Gen EPYC™ 7003 Processor Family (Codename: Milan)
  • 8-channel DDR4 3200MHz memory, support ECC RDIMM/LRDIMM up to 4TB
  • 2 x U.2 (PCIe 4.0 x4) 2.5” NVMe SSD or 2 x SATA 3.0 3.5” HDD
  • Support 4 NIC modules (PulM)
  • 1x riser card for PCIe x16 expansion slot to Rear
  • 2 x M.2 2280
  • Support IPMI (optional)

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