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AMD G-T56N Dual Core 1.65GHz APU with Radeon HD 6320 On-Board Vehicle Computer, with 1 x CAN2.0B Port

See the Product PDF Datasheet for Full Specifications.

  • AMD G-T56N 1.65GHz Dual Core APU with Radeon HD 6320
  • Wireless communication support 3.5G, WLAN, GPS, GSM/GPRS, Bluetooth
  • 9V – 32V DC Power Input
  • Smarter Vehicle Power Ignition for Variety Vehicle
  • 1 x CAN2.0B
  • Support 3 x RS-232 (2 with RS-422/485)
  • Support 4 x DI / 2 x DO with Relay 12V / 80mA
  • Support 1 x CAN Bus 2.0B (Optional)
  • EN50155, EN50121-3-2 certified for temperature ranges up to Class TX
  • EN61373 certified for shock and vibration resistance

VBOX-3200-T56N-CAN:  AMD G-T56N 1.65GHz Dual Core APU Vehicle Computer, with 1 x CAN2.0B Port