The elegantly designed, yet rugged, industrial grade G-WIN GC series is designed for tractors, agricultural and other heavy duty vehicles. With rugged construction, ultimate computing power, GC series are guaranteed to meet “heavy duty” needs. This series feature high computing power and user-friendly interface with projected capacitive multi-touch (P-CAP) technology and support Android 4.4, Linux Kernel 4.1.15, QT 5.5 Browser and Ubuntu 16.04 operating systems.

  • 19″ 1280 x 1024 with P-Cap touchscreen
  • High computing performance with Intel® Core i5-7200U
  • Fanless cooling system and ultra-low power consumption
  • Front IP65 for protection against water and dust
  • A true flat, easy-to-clean front surface with edge-to-edge design

R19IK3S-GCM1: 19″ Panel PC with P-Cap touchscreen with Intel® Core i5-7200U

  • Winmate