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The PISO-725 is a 16-channel digital input/output interface board for PCI bus computers. It can be installed in a 5 V PCI slot and supports true “Plug & Play” to automatically obtain I/O resources. The PISO-725 has a single DB-37 connector, and provides 8 electromechanical relay outputs and 8 isolated/non-isolated digital inputs. The digital inputs can be set to either isolated or non-isolated via a hardware jumper. Each of the digital inputs will generate an interrupt signal if the state is changed, which is very useful when monitoring for contact closures/openings as it is not necessary to continuously poll the inputs.

  • PCI Bus
  • State-changed interrupt for all digital inputs
  • Jumper selectable isolated or non-isolated digital inputs
  • 8 electromechanical relay outputs (Form C x4, Form A x4)
  • 3750 Vrms photo-isolation protection
  • Supports relay output status read back
  • LED to indicate output state
  • One DB-37 connector for input and output
  • Supports Plug & Play to obtain I/O resources
  • No more manually setting of I/O address and IRQ

PISO-725: PCI bus, 8-channel Relay Output & 8-channel Isolated Digital Input Board.
Includes one CA-4002 D-Sub connector.