SKU 4125

The PFN-2055 is specially designed for PROFINET IO device. It has 8-channel isolated digital inputs and 8-channel isolated digital outputs, and is suited in various industrial applications. You can access and configure it by using the GSDML file in any PROFINET Engineering tool.

See the PDF Datasheet for Full Specifications.

  • Protocol: PROFINET IO Device
  • PROFINET Conformance Class B and RT Class 1
  • Cyclic Time: 1ms (min)
  • Generic GSDML File Provided (Version 2.25)
  • Do load voltage: +3.5 ~ +50 VDC
  • Do load current: 700 mA/Channel (max.)
  • Provide short-circuit protection on DO channels
  • DI ON/OFF voltage level: +10 ~ +50 VDC / +4VDC max.
  • 4 kV Contact ESD protection for any terminal
  • Wide range of power input (+10 ~ +30 VDC) and operating temperature (-25 ~ +75°C

PFN-2055 CR: PROFINET I/O Module (Isolated 8-ch DI & 8-ch DO) (RoHS)