PB-9250J-SA Series

PB-9250J-SA is a standalone power backup module that can protect your box-PC against power outages. Utilizing state-of-the-art supercapacitor technology, it can operate in harsh environments from -25 to 65°C, and have extremely high durability lasting over 10 years.

PB-9250J-SA is composed of eight 370F/ 3.0V supercapacitors, which offers much longer lifespan than its 2.7V counterpart, and stores 9250 watt-second energy to offer extra extended operation time to backup your system.

  • Universal standalone power backup module compatible with all box-PCs
  • Supercapacitor-based, -25 to 65°C wide temperature operation
  • 9250 watt-second energy capacity
  • Maximum 180W output power for the connected back-end system
  • Over 10 years lifespan, and 500,000 charging/ discharging cycles
  • Patented CAP energy management technology*
      • Extending back-up time in the event of an unforeseen power outage
      • Monitoring energy and power consumption to extend operation time for safe system shutdown
  • Versatile operating mode
      • Normal backup mode
      • Ignition control mode for standard box-PC and in-vehicle controller



PB-9250J-SA: Standalone intelligent supercapacitor-base power backup module with 9250 W‧s energy capacity

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