IP66 Fanless Computer


Key Features:

  • Intel® 13th /12th-Gen Core™, up to 24C/ 32T CPU (35W/ 65W)
  • IP66-rated waterproof and dustproof
  • Up to 64GB DDR5 4800 SODIMM
  • -25°C to 70°C wide-temperature fanless operation
  • Up to 4x 802.3at GbE PoE+ ports via M12 X-coded connectors
  • 1x USB3.2 Type-C port supporting for display output and USB3.2 via waterproof connectors
  • 8V to 48V DC input with built-in ignition power control

ICP Electronics Australia is pleased to present Neousys Nuvo-9650AWP. Neousys Technology, a leader in rugged embedded systems, proudly announces the Nuvo-9650AWP as a Silver honoree in the Embedded Computing category at the 2023 MAE Innovators Awards. This recognition, voted on by the engineering community, underscores the device’s remarkable contribution to the defense and aerospace sectors.

The MAE Innovators Awards are an annual celebration of innovation in defense and aerospace engineering. They recognize the outstanding achievements of companies and individuals who have significantly advanced technology through innovative and impactful designs. The inclusion of the Nuvo-9650AWP highlights its remarkable features and industry significance.

The Nuvo-9650AWP is a fanless embedded computer, boasting an IP66 rating for waterproof and dustproof performance. This makes it an ideal solution for demanding defense and military applications, where exposure to harsh environmental conditions is a regular occurrence. Its design features specialized molded o-rings and a durable stainless steel and aluminum chassis, ensuring robust protection against dust and water. This is particularly beneficial for use in challenging outdoor or mobile military settings, such as in armored vehicles or military trucks.

Notably, the Nuvo-9650AWP is MIL-STD-810H compliant, ensuring its reliability under strenuous conditions. It is equipped with commercial off-the-shelf availability of M12 connectors and essential I/Os, making it a cost-effective solution without compromising on durability and robustness. This product is especially suitable for budget-conscious projects within the defense and military sectors, offering an excellent balance between performance and cost.

Product Manager Dennis Chen of Neousys Technology emphasizes the company’s commitment to delivering innovative products to the defense and military markets, with the Nuvo-9650AWP being a prime example of their dedication to fulfilling customer needs for years to come.

The Nuvo-9650AWP stands out with its advanced specifications, including support for Intel® 13th /12th-Gen Core™ CPUs (up to 24C/32T), up to 64GB DDR5 4800 SODIMM, and a wide operating temperature range from -25°C to 70°C. It also features up to four 802.3at GbE PoE+ ports via M12 X-coded connectors and a USB3.2 Type-C port. The 8V to 48V DC input with built-in ignition power control further enhances its applicability in various military and defense scenarios.

The 2023 MAE Innovators Awards, judged by a panel selected by the editorial staff at Military + Aerospace Electronics, highlight the best in the field, with the Nuvo-9650AWP emerging as a significant contributor to embedded computing technology in defense applications.

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