Key Features:

  • 100% Silicone sealed surface: washable & dustproof keyboard
  • IP68 100% waterproof
  • EN60601 Certification
  • Adjustable brightness of backlight available (Pro+ Version)
  • Magnetic mounting
  • Other layouts available on request
  • Keylock-button: disables key function when cleaning the keyboard

Backplane Systems Technology is pleased to present GETT ASIA’S KSI-U10200. Introducing Gett Asia’s game-changing innovation, the KSI-U10200 CLEANTYPE® PRIME SERIES PRO/PRO+ Silicone Keyboard. Designed for desktop use, this keyboard boasts unmatched hygiene features making it an asset in any sterile environment.

With an IP68 protection rating, the KSI-U10200 is not just washable, but fully submersible, ensuring thorough sanitation without the worry of damage. Its 100% silicone-sealed surface ensures that it is dustproof, safeguarding against contaminants.

It’s no surprise that this keyboard is ideal for healthcare facilities such as hospitals, care homes, and laboratories. Additionally, it’s perfectly suited for food production areas where cleanliness is paramount.

The KSI-U10200 doesn’t compromise on functionality either. It carries the EN60601 certification, making it compliant for medical use. The PRO+ version offers adjustable backlight brightness, ensuring optimal visibility in various lighting conditions.

Ordering Information

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