a low-cost intelligent liquid leak detection device that can be used to directly control triggers and audible alarm. No additional conversion module is needed and the iSN-104 can be easily integrated with a variety of monitoring systems to achieve remote alarm and remote device control.


  • 4-ch Liquid Leak Detection
  • Liquid Leakage and Cable Break Detection Triggers and Audible Alarm
  • A Mute Switch to Silence the Audible Alarm
  • Five LED Indicators to Display the Status of the Power and the Alarm
  • Liquid Leak Detection Cable and Leader Cable can be up to 500 Meters
  • Sensitivity Adjustable
  • Supports the DCON and the Modbus RTU Protocols
iSN-104     CR  4-channel Liquid Leak Detection Module, Supports Modbus/RTU and DCON protocols (RoHS)