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CAN to Wi-Fi Converter

The I-7540D-WF supports the wireless transmission of CAN data between various CAN networks or a CAN network and a WLAN network according to the 802.11b/g standard. The I-7540D-WF is highly suitable for connecting mobile (e.g., vehicles or machines) or stationary CAN networks and is often used for short ranges up to 100 m.(TCP data protocols are available.) Using an appropriately configured router, CAN data can be transmitted over the Internet. There are two operating modes in the I-7540D-WF: the access point mode and the ad-hoc mode. In the access point mode, the data connection takes place over one or several WLAN access points that are often part of the company’s internal IT infrastructure. In the ad-hoc mode, a direct connection is established between a single I-7540D-WF device and a PC or laptop (with an integrated WLAN interface), or with a second I-7540D-WF device. In this way, The I-7540D-WFcan be used as a CAN diagnosis interface. The wireless connection that is established between two I-7540D-WF units can be used instead of a cable, and enables the connection of CAN networks that would otherwise be difficult to link such as rotational machinery.

See the Product PDF Datasheet for Full Specifications.

  • IEEE 802.11b/g compliant
  • Wireless data transmission via WLAN
  • Two different operation modes: infrastructure and ad-hoc
  • point to point or point to multi-points connection via wireless LAN
  • Supports WEP, WPA and WPA2 encryption for wireless LAN
  • CAN 2.0A/2.0B compliant
  • Connect CAN networks via a WLAN bridge
  • Communication efficiency: one-way is up to 700 fps (client->server, server->client),two-way 350 fps (client<=>server)
  • Wireless transmission distance: up to 100 meters

I-7540D-WF CR: CAN to Wi-Fi Converter (RoHS)