Local CAN/CAN FD (CAN with Flexible Data-Rate) bridge used to establish a connection between two CAN/CAN FD networks. It can increase the bus loading capacity, extend communication distance, connect CAN/CAN FD networks with different baud rate and assist in transforming messages between CAN and CAN FD networks.


  • Compatible with the ISO 11898-2 Standard
  • Compatible with CAN Specification 2.0 A/B and FD
  • CAN FD support for ISO and Non-ISO (Bosch) Standards Switchable
  • CAN FD bit rates for Data Field from 100 kbps to 10000 kbps
  • CAN bit rates from 10 kbps to 1000 kbps
  • Support CAN-Bus message Filter Configuration
  • Support CAN/CAN FD Frame Forwarding Rule, Mapping Rule, Merging Rule and Splitting Rule
  • Support CAN Network Status Analysis via Utility Tool
  • Messaging Traffic of each port up to 10,000 fps
  • The Baud Rate of each port can be different for Highly Flexibility


I-7532M-FD     CR  2-port CAN/CAN FD Bridge (RoHS)