SKU 4141

CAN-2024D has 4-channel 14-bit analog output and it can be used to various applications. By the DeviceNet masters of ICP DAS, you can quickly build a DeviceNet network to approach your requirements. For more information about the DeviceNet master interfaces and other DeviceNet products, please refer to the following web site.

  • DeviceNet general I/O slave devices
  • Comply with DeviceNet specification Volume I, Release
  • 0 & Volume II, Release 2.0, Errata 5
  • Group 2 Only Server (non UCMM-capable)
  • Support Predefined Master/Slave Connection Set
  • Connection supported:
    • 1 connection for Explicit Messaging
    • 1 connection for Polled I/O
    • 1 connection for Bit-Strobe I/O connection
  • Support DeviceNet heartbeat and shutdown messages
  • Provide EDS file for DeviceNet master interface

CAN-2024D: DeviceNet slave module of 4-channel 14-bit Analog Output