The ALM-04-MRTU module features RS-485 connection and support Modbus RTU protocol. The controller makes an easy way to incorporate RS-485 connectivity into monitoring and control systems which makes perfect integration to monitoring in SCADA software and HMI.
ALM-04-MRTU includes 4 channels Isolated DI, with 8 alarm modes, 1 channel Relay output & 1 Audio Line out. MP3 audio format (44.1kHz/128kbit/s is preferred), all files & config are stored in Micro SD (T-Flash).

  • RS-485 Interface
  • Modbus RTU protocol
  • 4 x DI, 1 x Relay output
  • MP3 Audio, external Line Out
  • Support up to 64 audio files
  • 8 Alarm modes
  • 4 Single channel or 15 Binary channel support
ALM-04-MRTU CR: MP3 Alert module with RS-485 connection, 4-ch DI and 1-ch Relay Output. (RoHS)