October 11, 2023

ICP Electronics Australia is proud to introduce iEi’s PPC2-C15-ADL. The modern industrial landscape demands high performance and reliable computing solutions. iEi’s PPC2-C15-ADL steps up to the plate, offering a superior computing solution tailored for heavy industrial applications.

At the heart of this panel PC is the 12th Gen Intel® Core™ i7/i5/i3/Pentium® processor (code name: Alder Lake-S). With up to 12 cores and a burst frequency reaching 4.9GHz, the PPC2-C15-ADL delivers unparalleled real-time edge computing. When coupled with the Intel® UHD Graphics 770 driven by the Intel® Xe Architecture, visual displays become a sight to behold.

Memory capabilities don’t lag either. Boasting two SO-DIMM slots, this machine supports up to 64GB DDR4 memory at 3200MT/s. This means faster data processing speeds, ensuring optimal performance in tasks like sorting, storing, and retrieving data.

But it’s not just about raw computing power. The PPC2-C15-ADL is also designed to withstand the harshest of environments. It features an IP65 projected capacitive touchscreen with anti-glare/UV coating, and the panel PC can even operate under gloved or wet conditions. Its true-flat screen ensures easy maintenance, making it a preferred choice in industries such as food processing.

Expandability is another strong suit. With a PCIe Gen4 x16 slot, the panel PC can accommodate a variety of peripherals, ensuring future-proof operations. Storage is versatile with both M.2 NVMe SSD and 2.5-inch SSD options.

Connectivity options are also expansive. From dual 2.5GbE LAN ports ensuring network redundancy and high bandwidth to numerous USB ports and serial ports, the PPC2-C15-ADL offers extensive interfacing capabilities.

iEi’s commitment to user-friendly design is evident in its new graphical BIOS interface, enabling touch-enabled BIOS configurations. The innovative mounting methods and touch screen capabilities further enhance user experience.

In conclusion, the PPC2-C15-ADL is more than just a panel PC; it’s a testament to iEi’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of industrial computing. For businesses seeking a robust, high-performance, and user-friendly solution, look no further.



  • 12th Gen Intel® Desktop Platform
  • PCIe Gen4 x16 (x16 signal) Slot
  • Anti-glare and Anti-UV PCAP
  • Support Gloved and Wet Hand Operation
  • Newly Designed Panel Mount Kit
  • New Graphical BIOS Interface

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