February 3, 2020

ICP Australia is proud to introduce ICP DAS’ PMC-5151 Intelligent Power Meter Concentrator, developed for Energy Saving purpose.

The PMC-5151 is a web-based intelligent Power Meter Concentrator developed by ICP DAS. It offers webpage interface and features various functions such as: Power Data Collection, Logic Control, Power Demand Management, Data Logger and Alarm Notification Functions.

This Intelligent Power Meter Concentrator PMC-5151 allows connections to ICP DAS Smart Power Meters via RS-485 or Ethernet interface to read the power data of the devices measured by the power meters; and then real-time record the power values in the data logger file. It also provides data logger file auto send-back function; together with PMC Data Server software or SCADA software, it allows collection and analysis of the power data and comes equipped with built-in Web Server that allows direct connections via browsers to the PMC-5151 for viewing power data and setting up the system parameters. It also offers Modbus TCP/RTU Slave function that allows SCADA software or HMI devices to connect to PMC-5151 to get real-time power data of the devices via Modbus TCP/RTU protocol.

In addition to ICP DAS XW-Board and M-7000 I/O modules, the PMC-5151 can also connect to standard Modbus TCP/RTU Slave modules. By working with the I/O modules, and functions such as IF-THEN-ELSE logic rule execution and alarm notification functions including Email/SMS/SNMP Trap, PMC-5151 offers more thought-out power demand management and alarm notification functions and is able to perform load shedding of the devices if required, and enables real-time monitoring and control of the power consumption of the devices.


  • No Extra Software Tool is Required, Using Browsers to Perform System Operations
  • Support at Most “24 ICP DAS Modbus Power Meter Modules + 8 Modbus I/O Modules” (Max. Total of 16 TCP Type Modules)
  • COM2 and COM3 Interface Can Connect to Max. 16 Modbus RTU Modules (Include Power Meter & I/O Module) Individually.
  • LAN Interface Can Connect to Max. 16 Modbus TCP Modules (Include Power Meter & I/O Module).
  • Support at Most 4 ICP DAS PM-4324 Series Power Meters.
  • Display Real-Time or Historical Power Data (in Data Table or Chart Form)
  • Provide Power Data Statistics Report (Daily and Monthly Report)
  • Data File Auto Send-Back & Recovery When Network is Resumed After Disconnection
  • Built-In IF-THEN-ELSE Logic Engine for Thought-Out Power Demand Management
  • Provide Alarm Message Notification Function via Email or SMS (for SMS Message Sending, GTM-203M-3GWA is Required)
  • Adjust Device Operations by its Power Status via Modbus I/O Modules
  • Provide Schedule Function for Operations of I/O Modules (Devices)
  • Support Modbus TCP/RTU Slave Protocol for Seamless Integration with SCADA
  • Support Standard SNMP Protocol
  • With PMC Data Server Software, Allow Importing the Power Data into Database

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