January 12, 2021

ICP Australia is proud to introduce ICP DAS PET-7H24M Ethernet High-Speed Data Acquisition Module with 4 x AI, 2 x AO, 3 x DI, 4 x DO, 1 x Encoder, and PoE.

The PET-7H24M is a high-speed data acquisition device with a built-in Ethernet communication port for data transfer over a network and includes 4 high-speed 24-bit differential Analog input channels (128 kHz sample and hold for all 4 channels), 2 Analog Output channels, 3 Digital Input channels, 4 Digital Output channels, and 1 Encoder Input channel.

The module provides a programmable input range on all analog channels, and the Digital Output can be set to output with short-circuit and overload protection. One Encoder Input channel can be configured as Quadrant, Pulse/Direction, or CW/CCW input mode.

PET-7H24M also provides 4 kV ESD protection as well as 2500 VDC intra-module isolation. Also, the 24-bit ADC includes built-in Sinc3 filtering to adjust the appropriate sampling rate and filter out modulator and signal noise. The PET-7H24M is not only suitable for a wide range of mobile/portable measurement applications, but also precision signal measurement.


  • 4 Differential Analog Input Channels (24-Bit Resolution)
  • 24-Bit ADC with Built-In Sinc3 Filter
  • Supports Real Sample and Hold
  • Sample Rate up to 128 kS/s
  • 2 x AO, 4 x DO, 3 x DI, and 1 x Encoder Channels
  • Continuous and N Data Sample Data Transmission Mode
  • A/D Trigger Mode
    • Software Trigger
    • Analog Input Trigger
  • Software Support
    1. Supported Operating Systems
      1. Windows 7/8/10 and Linux
    2. Software Compatibility
      1. Microsoft VC, C#, VB.NET SDK API and Demo
      2. NI LabVIEW Toolkit and Demo for Windows
      3. C/C++ Library and Demo for Linux
  • Built-In 10/100BASE-T Auto-Negotiating, Auto MDI/MDI-X Ethernet Port
  • Option for External Power Supply or POE Supply

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