July 18, 2022

ICP Australia is proud to introduce ICP DAS’s PDS-782D, which is a Programmable (7x RS-232 and 1x RS-485) Serial-to-Ethernet Device Server with LED Display. The PDS-782D belongs to a family of Programmable Device Servers, also known as “Serial-to-Ethernet gateway, “ designed to link RS-232/422/485 devices to an Ethernet network.

PDS-782D is extremely user-friendly with its VxComm Driver/Utility, which allows users to easily turn the built-in COM ports of the PDS-782D into standard COM ports on a PC. With its protocol independence, a small-core OS and high flexibility, the PDS-782D can meet every network-enabled application’s demand. Furthermore, PDS-782D is equipped with 7 RS-232 ports and 1 RS-485 port. The removable onboard terminal block connector is designed for easy and robust wiring in industrial situations.

The PDS-782D includes a powerful and reliable Xserver programming structure that allows you to design your robust Ethernet applications in one day. The built-in, high-performance MiniOS7 boots the PDS-782D up in just one second and gives you the fastest responses. It also works as a Modbus TCP to RTU/ASCII gateway that supports most SCADA/HMI communications based on the Modbus/TCP protocol.


  • Incorporate Serial Devices in an Ethernet network
  • “Virtual COM” Extend COM Ports
  • VxComm Utility Supports 32/64-bit Windows 7 SP1/10/2012/2016
  • Supports Modbus TCP to RTU/ASCII Gateway
  • Powerful Programmable Device Server
  • Watchdog Timer Suitable for Use in Harsh Environments
  • Serial Port +/-4 kV ESD Protection Circuit
  • Self-Tuner ASIC Controller on the RS-485 Port
  • Built-in High-Performance MiniOS7 from ICP DAS
  • Palm-Sized with Multiple Serial Ports

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