July 21, 2023

ICP Electronics Australia is proud to introduce ICP DAS’s PCIe-S142. The PCIe-S142 is a serial communication board featuring 2 RS-422/485 ports, designed to bring versatility and robustness to data communication networks. Suited to fit into a PCI Express x1 slot, this card equips systems with additional, high-speed serial communication capabilities.

Each port on the PCIe-S142 is furnished with a 256-byte hardware FIFO, ensuring efficient data handling. The board allows transmission speeds of up to 921600 bps and can support up to 256 modules in one RS-485 network. This is complemented by an automatic RS-485 direction control and a choice between full-duplex and half-duplex communication.

Crucial for industrial applications, the PCIe-S142 has been built with high-strength photocouplers on each data line. These photocouplers maintain electrical isolation, safeguarding the system from common mode voltages, ground loops, and voltage spikes. This protection is further enhanced by the onboard ESD protection component, which diverts potentially damaging electric currents.

The PCIe-S142’s compact design, coupled with its comprehensive driver support across various operating systems, makes it an ideal choice for numerous applications. It finds uses in industrial machinery, building automation, restaurant appliances, laboratory equipment, and research, as well as other areas that demand industrial communication solutions.



  • Supports PCI Express x1
  • Provides 2 RS-422/485 ports
  • 256-byte Hardware FIFO for Each Port
  • Transmission Speed of up to 921600 bps
  • 256 modules max. in one RS-485 network
  • Automatic RS-485 direction control
  • Short Card Design

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