February 7, 2024

ICP Electronics Australia is proud to introduce ICP DAS PCIe-S114. The ICP DAS PCIe-S114 represents a leap forward in the integration of RS-232 serial communication into modern computing environments. Designed to slot seamlessly into PCI Express x1 interfaces, this compact card is a powerhouse of connectivity, offering four RS-232 ports to facilitate a wide range of serial communication tasks. Each port is backed by a 256-byte hardware FIFO, ensuring smooth and efficient data transfer at speeds up to 921600 bps, even in full-duplex modes.

What sets the PCIe-S114 apart is its commitment to reliability and durability, especially in demanding industrial settings. The card’s design includes on-board photo couplers for the “i” version, which provide electrical isolation between the serial ports and the host computer. This feature is crucial for minimizing the risks associated with ground loops, common mode voltages, and voltage spikes, thereby safeguarding both the PCIe-S114 and connected devices against electrical interference and over-voltage conditions.

Additionally, the presence of on-board ESD protection components further ensures the safety of sensitive circuitry, making the PCIe-S114 an ideal choice for applications in harsh industrial environments. Whether it’s for connecting bar code readers, serial printers, intelligent sensors, or any device with an RS-232 port, this card offers robust and reliable serial communication solutions. Supported by drivers for a wide range of operating systems, the PCIe-S114 is versatile and ready to meet the demands of industrial machinery, building automation, restaurant appliances, laboratory equipment, and more, proving itself as an essential tool for industrial communication.



  • Supports PCI Express x1
  • Provides 4 RS-232 ports
  • 256-byte Hardware FIFO for Each Port
  • Transmission Speed of up to 921600 bps
  • Short Card Design

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