March 9, 2022

ICP Australia is proud to introduce iEi’s Mustang-T100, which leverages the powerful Coral technology, a complete and fast toolkit for building products with local AI.

The Mustang-T100 integrates five Coral Edge TPU™ co-processors in a half-height, half-length PCIe card, and offers a well-computing speed of up to 20 TOPS and extremely low power consumption (only 15W). Moreover, powered by a well-developed Tensorflow Lite community, it can smoothly and simply implement the existing model to your edge inference project. The Mustang-T100 is an ideal AI PCIe accelerator card for image classification, object detection and image segmentation.

Designed with five Coral TPU modules, the Mustang-T100 can offer high ML inferencing speed up to 20 TOPS in one time and consume 15W only. To achieve running every AI task in a barrier-free environment, the Mustang-T100 can operate in wide temperatures from -20 ºC – 55ºC.


  • 5 x Google Edge TPU ML Accelerator
  • 20 TOPS Peak Performance (int8)
  • Host Interface PCIe Gen2 x 4
  • Low-Profile PCIe Form Factor
  • Support Multiple Card
  • Approximate 15W
  • RoHS Compliant

See More: Mustang-T100-T5


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