September 2, 2022

ICP Australia is proud to introduce ICP DAS’s M-7017RMS-G, which is an 8-channel differential AC input module that is used to convert the AC input signals to their True RMS DC values.

M-7017RMS-G facilitates an RMS input range that can be from +150 mVrms to +10 Vrms, and each channel can be configured individually. The M-7017RMS is a complete, high-accuracy, RMS-to-DC converter that computes the True RMS DC value of any complex waveform. It also features 4 kV ESD protection, 2500 VDC intra-module isolation and +/-35 VDC overvoltage protection. Furthermore, M-7017RMS-G can withstand tough industrial conditions as it can function optimally under a wide temperature range (-25 ~ +75 °C). Likewise, to facilitate a better user experience M-7017RMS-G supports a DIN-rail installation.

Lastly, M-7017RMS is a multi-faceted device that can be used for a variety of applications, particularly in the field of automation. For example, building, factory, and machine automation.


  • 8-Channel True RMS Input
  • ±0.15% Factory Calibrated Accuracy
  • The RMS Input Range can be from +150 mVrms to +10 Vrms
  • Designed for Standard Operation with Frequencies of 45 Hz to 10 KHz
  • Individual Channel Configurable

See More: M-7017RMS-G


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