July 7, 2021

ICP Australia is proud to introduce iEi’s KINO-KX Industrial Motherboard.  KINO-KX includes 14 x USB, 10 x RS-232, PCIe x 16 expansion slot, and dual independent display (VGA & DVI-I) support. It is designed for rugged solutions and easy expansion capabilities for industrial applications.

Furthermore, KINO-KX supports a Zhaoxin 16nm KX-6000 Series On-Board CPU.  Whereby, the SoC features eight cores running at 3 GHz and increases performance over its predecessor by at least 50%. Ultimately, allowing the KX-6000 Series to focus on 8 different applications including finance, railway, energy, network security, MES, education, military, and telecom operations.

Lastly, the KINO-KX upholds a hardware-based security solution for data protection and reliable authentication via TPM that stores keys, passwords, and digital certificates. Also, KINO-KX can withstand tough conditions as its operating temperature is -10°C ~ 60°C. Supported by 1 x CPU smart fan connector and 1 x System smart fan connector.


  • Mini-ITX SBC supports Zhaoxin 16nm KX-U6580/KX-U6780A(70W) on-board processor
  • Dual-Channel DDR4 SO-DIMMs
  • Dual Independent Display (VGA & DVI-I) Support
  • Up to 10 x RS-232 and 10 x USB 2.0 Support
  • USB 3.2 Gen1, SATA 6Gb/s, Full-size PCIe Mini Card slot and PCIe x16 Expansion Slot
  • ATX Power Input

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