March 31, 2023

ICP Electronics Australia is proud to introduce iEi’s IASO-W10B-N6210. The iEi IASO-W1OB-N6210 10.1″ Medical Panel PC is a high-performance medical-grade computer that boasts an Intel® Celeron® N6210 processor. It comes equipped with a programmable LED light bar on both sides, which can be customized to suit the hospital’s or medical facility’s specific needs.

The device also features a 10-point PCAP touchscreen with optical bonding, which enables it to be operated with multiple layers of surgical gloves. This is a crucial feature in a medical setting, as it allows doctors and nurses to operate the device without removing their gloves, which can help reduce the spread of germs and infections.

The IASO-W10B-N6210 also has optional IEEE 802.3 PoE and RFID (NFC) reader capabilities, making it a versatile and practical device for a range of medical applications.

The device conforms to IEC60601-1-8 and ANSI Z535.1-2017 standards, ensuring that it is safe and reliable for use in a medical setting. It also features an in-wall mounting design that allows for easy maintenance, with just five screws needed for disassembly.

One of the most impressive features of the IASO-W10B-N6210 is its AI audio analytics workflow. This deep learning-based analytics system can detect emergencies in real-time, including under-staffed areas, restricted areas, and surveillance blind spots. This can help hospital staff respond faster to emergencies and reduce rescue time, improving patient outcomes.

Overall, the iEi IASO-W1OB-N6210 10.1″ Medical Panel PC is a highly capable and reliable medical-grade computer that is ideal for use in a range of medical applications. Its advanced features and robust design make it an excellent choice for hospitals, clinics, and other medical facilities looking for a high-quality computing solution.



  • » Intel® Celeron® Processor N6210
  • » Programmable LED light bar on both sides
  • » 10-point PCAP touch with optical bonding
  • » IEEE 802.3 PoE (optional)
  • » RFID (NFC) reader (optional)

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