March 31, 2021

ICP Australia is proud to introduce ICP DAS’s I-8811, which is a serial embedded controller with 8 I/O slots. Both are equipped with MiniOS7, an embedded OS similar to DOS that is developed by ICP DAS. The MiniOS7 can boot up in a very short time (0.4 ~ 0.8 second). It has a built-in hardware diagnostic function and supports the full functions to access all 8K and 87K series I/O modules, such as DI, DO, DIO, AI, AO, Counter/Frequency, motion modules, etc.

The I-8811 backplane is equipped with 4 serial COM Ports, they include RS-232 and RS-485 ports and can be used in remote data acquisition and control applications, including environment monitoring, power management, and factory automation.

By using S-256 (256 KBytes) or S-512 (512 KBytes) battery backup SRAM, they provide a data logger storage function. Furthermore, I-8811 can withstand tough conditions as it can operate optimally within -25 ~ +75 °C.


  • 80188 or Compatible (8-bit and 40 MHz)
  • MiniOS7 Embedded Operating System (DOS-like)
  • 64-bit Hardware Serial Number for Software Protection
  • Built-in Watchdog Timer
  • 7-Segment Display x 5
  • Serial Port x 4 (RS-232 or RS-485 Communication Interface)
  • Input Protection Circuity
  • 8 Slots for I-8K and I-87K Modules
  • Operating Temperature: -25 ~ +75 °C

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