June 21, 2024

ICP Electronics Australia is proud to introduce ICP DAS I-7550E-M. The ICP DAS I-7550E-M PROFIBUS to Ethernet Converter is a robust and versatile device tailored for the PROFIBUS DP protocol’s slave devices. This converter facilitates seamless communication between PROFIBUS masters and Ethernet devices that support TCP/UDP protocols. With automatic transmission rate detection and a configurable address range of 0 to 126, the I-7550E-M ensures ease of integration and flexibility.

The device supports a maximum input and output data length of 240 bytes, accommodating substantial data transfer needs. Its configuration is straightforward via a web interface, allowing users to manage settings effortlessly through any web browser. The I-7550E-M can function as both a TCP/UDP server and client, providing adaptability to various networking requirements.

Enhanced with high-speed iCoupler technology, the I-7550E-M boasts 2500 Vrms network isolation protection and 3000 VDC isolation on the PROFIBUS side, ensuring reliable performance in industrial environments. It meets CE, UKCA, FCC, RoHS, and WEEE standards, underlining its compliance with international safety and environmental regulations.

Ideal for industrial, factory, and process automation, the I-7550E-M simplifies integrating Ethernet devices into PROFIBUS networks, making it an indispensable tool for modern automation systems. By bridging these two protocols, the I-7550E-M enhances communication and operational efficiency in various automated environments.



  • Protocol & Hierarchy : DP-V0 Slave
  • Transmission Rate Setting : detected automatically
  • Max Input Data Length : 240 Bytes
  • Max Output Data Length : 240 Bytes
  • Address Setting : 0~126 set by DIP switch or EEPROM
  • Supports Ethernet Protocol : TCP/UDP Server/Client
  • Configuration : Web Configuration
  • Network Isolation Protection : 2500 Vrms High Speed iCoupler
  • DC Isolation Protection : 3000 VDC on PROFIBUS side

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