February 14, 2024

ICP Electronics Australia is proud to introduce ICP DAS I-7550-M. The I-7550-M by ICP DAS is an advanced PROFIBUS to RS-232/422/485 converter, meticulously engineered to facilitate the integration of RS-232/422/485 devices into a PROFIBUS DP protocol network. As a DP-V0 Slave, it boasts an automatic transmission rate detection feature, simplifying setup and ensuring optimal communication speeds. It supports a maximum input and output data length of 128 Bytes, allowing for efficient data exchange.

One of the standout features of the I-7550-M is its versatile address setting range (0~126), easily configured via DIP switch. This flexibility makes it suitable for a wide array of industrial applications. The converter features a unique Hybrid COM 1 port, incorporating a “Self Tuner” that supports RS-232, RS-422, and RS-485 communication, making it exceptionally adaptable to various communication requirements. It supports data formats of 7/8 data bits, with No/Odd/Even parity and 1 stop bit, ensuring compatibility with a broad spectrum of devices.

Furthermore, the I-7550-M is equipped with high-grade network isolation protection via a High-Speed iCoupler, and DC isolation protection of 3000VDC on the PROFIBUS side, offering an extra layer of safety and reliability. These features make it an indispensable tool in industrial, factory, and process automation applications, providing a seamless and secure way to integrate various devices into a PROFIBUS network.



  • Protocol & Hierarchy : DP-V0 Slave
  • Transmission Rate Setting : detected automatically
  • Max Input Data Length : 128 Bytes
  • Max Output Data Length : 128 Bytes
  • Address Setting : 0~126 set by DIP switch
  • Hybrid COM 1 : RS-232/422/485 with “Self Tuner” inside
  • Supports COM 1 Data Format : 7/8 data bits, No/Odd/Even parity, 1 stop bit
  • Network Isolation Protection : High Speed iCoupler
  • DC Isolation Protection : 3000VDC on PROFIBUS side

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