December 7, 2022

ICP Australia is proud to introduce ICP DAS’s I-7532, which is a CAN bridge that can be used to integrate two CAN networks with different CAN baud rates. This means when an error (e.g. bit error) occurs on one CAN port of I-7532, the other CAN port of I-7532 will not be impacted. By using I-7532, users can achieve many applications easily and it is suitable for any CAN protocol like CANopen, DeviceNet, J1939 etc.

Furthermore, the four most powerful features of the I-7532 include, firstly, by deploying the I-7532 the user can easily extend the CAN bus network distance. Secondly, the users can also connect two CAN bus networks with different baud rates. Thirdly the operator can raise the number of nodes in the CAN bus network and lastly, it is also possible to integrate multi the same CAN devices in the CAN network.

I-7532 is ideal for multiple applications, some including control systems, building and factory automation, as well as distribution data acquisition.


  • Fully Compatible with the ISO 11898-2 Standard
  • Support both CAN 2.0A and CAN 2.0B
  • Selectable 120Ω Terminator Resistor by Jumper
  • Up to 100 CAN Nodes on Each Channel
  • 768 Data Frames for each CAN Channel
  • Rotary Switch for CAN Baud Rate from 5Kbps to 1Mbps or Programmable User-Defined CAN Baud Rate
  • Support CAN Bus Message Acceptance Filter Configuration
  • Support Firmware Update via CAN1 of I-7532
  • CAN Messages can be Forwarded under another Identifier
  • Support CAN Bus-Off Auto-Reset Function
  • Support CAN Listen-Only Mode Function

See More: I-7532


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