April 1, 2022

ICP Australia is proud to introduce ICP DAS’s I-7531-FD-G, which is a CAN/CAN FD signal repeater, that can connect two or more CAN network with the same baud rate.

Based on the signal repeat function of I-7531-FD, users can use different numbers of I-7531-FD to combine tree-shaped and star-shaped CAN network topology. Hence, when there are too many devices on the CAN network, using I-7531-FD can increase the driving force of the CAN signal to drive more CAN devices. In addition, the CAN side of the I-7531-FD has digital isolation of 2500 Vrms, and the CAN side and the power side also provides 3000 V DC-DC isolation protection, which can effectively isolate the noise interference between CAN networks and achieve protection the purpose of a specific CAN network.

I-7531-FD-G can function in tough conditions as it has an operating temperature of -25 ~ +75 °C. Furthermore, it comes with a plastic casing and a din-rail installation option.


  • Supported CAN Specification 2.0A/B and CAN FD
  • Fully Compatible with the ISO 11898-2 Standard
  • Detected CAN Bus Baud Rate Automatically, Maximum Support 8000 kbps

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