July 28, 2023

ICP Electronics Australia is proud to introduce ICP DAS I-3591. ICP DAS has introduced a significant leap forward in meter reading technology with their newly developed M-Bus Repeater, the I-3591. Engineered to enhance the functionality of M-Bus (Meter-Bus), a communication interface used predominantly in electricity, water, and heat meters, the I-3591 is designed to boost the driving ability of M-Bus, expand its communication distance, and reshape signal waveforms.

One of the primary features of the I-3591 is its ability to support up to 100 M-Bus slaves, significantly increasing its utility. Further amplifying its performance, the repeater auto-detects M-Bus baud rate, facilitating seamless communication without requiring manual rate adjustment.

The I-3591 offers an impressive extension of M-Bus communication distance by 1200 meters (at 2400 bps). This attribute effectively broadens the repeater’s operational range, making it an ideal solution for large-scale utility management systems.

Further ensuring the integrity of the system, the I-3591 comes equipped with an M-Bus overloading alarm, overcurrent, and short-circuit protection on the M-Bus port, as well as reverse polarity protection on power. These protective features safeguard the system, adding an extra layer of reliability.

Best of all, the I-3591 is user-friendly. No setting adjustments are needed; the repeater is ready for use immediately after line connection. With the I-3591, ICP DAS further cements its position as a leading innovator in the field of utility metering technology.



  • Supports M-Bus physical layer
  • Supports drive up to 100 M-Bus slaves
  • Auto M-Bus baud rate
  • M-Bus distance is extended by 1200 meters (at 2400 bps)
  • M-Bus overloading alarm
  • Overcurrent and short-circuit protection on the M-Bus port
  • Reverse polarity protection on power

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