May 19, 2023

ICP Electronics Australia is proud to introduce GW-7838-M. The ICP DAS GW-7838-M is a versatile gateway that bridges the gap between Modbus TCP/RTU and M-Bus communication protocols. M-Bus, widely used in meters for various utilities, offers easy installation and robustness. However, integrating it with Modbus systems can enhance overall application capabilities.

Designed specifically for automation applications, the GW-7838-M enables direct transmission of meter data to a control system using Modbus TCP/RTU. With support for up to 100 M-Bus slaves, it offers flexibility and scalability in connecting multiple meters.

The gateway provides robust protection mechanisms such as M-Bus overcurrent protection and short-circuit protection, ensuring the integrity and safety of the communication process. Additionally, the GW-7838-M features firmware update capability via the serial port and includes a watchdog for enhanced system reliability.

Configuring the GW-7838-M is straightforward using the M-Bus utility, after which it autonomously reads out meter data. The data can then be accessed by a Modbus TCP/RTU client, such as a PLC or PC, via a TCP/RS-232 connection. This seamless integration enables efficient monitoring and control of meter data within the Modbus-based automation system.

With its reliable performance, ease of use, and support for industry-standard protocols, the ICP DAS GW-7838-M is an ideal solution for applications that require the integration of M-Bus metering devices into Modbus TCP/RTU networks. It empowers automation systems with accurate and real-time metering data, facilitating effective energy management and monitoring.



  • Supports M-Bus standard: EN-13757, CJ/T -188
  • Supports Modbus TCP/RTU function code 0x03 and 0x04 to read Meter data
  • Default M-Bus port data format: Data bit 8, Parity Even, Stop bit 1
  • Supports up to 100 M-Bus slaves
  • M-Bus over current protection
  • Short-circuit protection on the M-Bus
  • Update firmware from serial port
  • Watchdog inside

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