February 5, 2024

ICP Electronics Australia is proud to introduce ICP DAS FR-2057iTA. The ICP DAS FR-2057iTA is a cutting-edge FRnet I/O module that brings unparalleled efficiency and reliability to industrial automation systems. With its 16-channel isolated digital output (DO), which operates on a source output basis (PNP, 30VDC), this module is designed for high-demand applications requiring precise control and safety. The isolation on the DO channels and communication line ensures robust protection against electrical noise and interference, thereby enhancing system reliability.

A standout feature of the FR-2057iTA is its built-in wire-saving FRnet DI/DO control mechanism, which facilitates high-speed data transmission and ensures a reliable communication backbone for complex automation tasks. This module eliminates the need for extensive software overhead for protocol processing, thanks to its simple synchronization mechanism and support for broadcasting, allowing 1:n data transmission effortlessly.

The FR-2057iTA also excels in simplifying system design and operation. Its ability to duplicate output easily, combined with fixed I/O scan-time and synchronization, guarantees precise control and timing across the network. Users can daisy chain several FR-2000 series modules, including the FR-2057iTA, through the FRnet interface, thereby extending remote I/O control capabilities to PCs, Programmable Automation Controllers (PACs), and Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) with minimal hassle.

This module represents a significant advancement in industrial communication technology, enabling efficient and reliable integration of remote I/O systems. Its design and capabilities make it a valuable asset for any application seeking to leverage the power of FRnet for industrial automation and control.



  • Built-in Wire-saving FRnet DI/DO control
  • High-speed transmission reliability
  • Simple synchronization mechanism
  • No software overhead on protocol processing
  • Supporting broadcasting (1:n data transmission)
  • Duplicating output easily
  • Fixed I/O scan-time and I/O synchronization

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