August 28, 2023

ICP Electronics Australia is proud to introduce ICP DAS ET-M8194A. The dynamic world of motion control has witnessed a significant innovation with the introduction of the ICP DAS ET-M8194A. This Ethernet Remote Unit isn’t just another addition; it’s a cutting-edge tool engineered to redefine remote motion control experiences.

At its core, the ET-M8194A offers 4-axis motion control capability, perfectly complemented by 2/3-axis linear interpolation and 2-axis circular interpolation functions. It houses a smart programmable automatic homing function, ensuring precision every step of the way.

Its unique strength lies in its interoperability. Designed to communicate via Modbus TCP, it can seamlessly integrate with diverse platforms, be it SCADA, PAC, or PLC. The possibility of integrating into multi-station, multi-axis applications underscores its versatility. Additionally, it can operate both as a remote or stand-alone motion controller.

The inclusion of the EzMove Utility transforms configuration and macro programming into a breeze. This utility, coupled with a comprehensive API library, streamlines the development process, making custom application creation swift and hassle-free.

As for its real-world applicability, the ET-M8194A proves indispensable. From driving X-Y-Z tables and fix-pitch stamping machines to managing spinners and loaders/unloaders, this device promises unmatched efficiency.

In summation, the ICP DAS ET-M8194A is not just a product, but a paradigm shift in Ethernet motion control, poised to reshape industries.



  • Remote control via Modbus TCP
  • Can be controlled using SCADA, PAC, or PLC
  • Can be integrated into a multi-station, multi-axis applications
  • 4-axis motion control capability
  • 2/3-axis linear interpolation function
  • 2-axis circular interpolation function
  • Programmable automatic homing function
  • EzMove Utility for configuration and macro programming
  • Test motion functions via EzMove without compilation
  • Library for rapid development of applications
  • Easy wiring for multi-station applications
  • Can be set as a remote or stand-alone motion controller

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