April 30, 2019

ICP Electronics Australia is proud to introduce ICP DAS’ new ECAT-M801 series of EtherCAT master PCIe cards.

The ECAT-M801 is a brand new series of EtherCAT (Ethernet for Control Automation Technology) PCIe modules. EtherCAT is an open, high-performance fieldbus system that makes Ethernet technology available at the I/O level. With flexible wiring and fast communications, EtherCAT is vital for achieving a high-speed real-time network for machine control solutions.

When your setup involves a lot of slave nodes, a good master is required, and the ECAT-M801 series provides this with motion control up to 32 axes, connectivity with up to 64 slave nodes, and SDO + PDO slave operation. It can provide multi-axis motion and I/O control functions via its own in-built CPU to reduce the load placed on the corresponding PC for maximum computational efficiency. It is also capable of multi-axis linear interpolation, 2D/3D interpolation, and helical interpolation.

Modules from the ECAT-M801 line are compatible with both slaves from ICP DAS and EtherCAT slaves from 3rd-party sources, thanks to EtherCAT’s position as an industrial standard.


Key Features:

  • Up to 32-Axis Motion Control, with Axis Homing, Virtual Axes, and Single-Axis Position & Velocity Control
  • Up to 64 Slaves with SDO & PDO Slave Operation
  • Synchronised Motion (E-GEAR, E-CAM) and Multi-Group Motion Control
  • Multi-Axis Linear Interpolation, 2D/3D Circular Interpolation, and Helical Interpolation
  • 13x DI and 13x DO On-Board
  • 2x On-Board Encoder Interfaces with Compare Trigger Output
  • API for CiA402 Servo Drives and ICP DAS Stepper Motor Control Modules
  • API for ICP DAS DI/DO and AI/AO Modules
  • Emergency Hardware Stop

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